Welcome to the personal side

Hi beans,

I would like to just say welcome to the more personal side of Jellybean Studios.

These blog posts on the Jellybean Blog are based on things elements of Joel Cruikshank's life relating to Jellybean Studios be it in regards to Jellybean Photos, Design or travel along with many other details and ventures associated with the overall ethos of Jellybean Studios.

I (Joel Cruikshank) will be personally updating my blog with details relating to the day to day running of Jellybean Studios and other ventures that I feel would be helpful and interesting to share.

I am looking forward to having you all come along this journey in a behind the scenes way also.

Looking forward to taking you all along this journey with me and Jellybean Studios

Well ill leave it at that for now and will be back soon with some details of some big changes that are happening soon ;)

Sending love and wishes to you all


Jellybean xx