A little bit about us


Founded by photographer Joel Cruikshank in 2010, Jellybean Studios is a photography studio centred around a green ethos with photographic services ranging from Landscape and Travel Photography through to Realestate and Architectural Photography, and everything in between.  With a passion for all things design related Jellybean Studio has launched a couple of new brands within the Jellybean Studios framework, these are:

Jellybean Photos: The original photo element of Jellybean Studios has been retained and established as Jellybean Photos in line with the rebranding and structuring of the studio. We have kept all the same great elements of the original photography and enhanced the experience with more photography genres covered as well as more featured work.

Jellybean Design: this focuses on design related topics with interior design at the forefront and architecture along with product design also. The personal interior and building design services will be rolling out soon as we get all the jellybeans placed in the jars. ;)

Jellybean Travel: with a love for traveling and all things related with visiting many corners of the globe and getting to experience all that this world has to offer through the many different sites to behold and cultures to experience, Jellybean Travel will have you covered and along for the journey through blog posts, information and photos of all things travel.

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