Jellybean Studios is a photography and design studio specialising in a mix of genres from photography of landscapes and travel to real estate and everything in between including Interior Design.

Photography by Joel Cruikshank.



An eye for detail is often overlooked in our daily life, yet it can be found throughout our work here, and especially surrounding the finer things in life and seeking to capture precious moments of this world.


With a passion for architecture and interior design as well as product and graphic design Jellybean Design will be working on a collection of design related projects with the Interior Design services being offered down the track.


From the beaches of Australia to the shifting sands of the Arabian desert, there is so much of this world still to explore.  Jellybean Travel has you covered with travel related photos, info and blogs as we broaden our hirosons.

Snapshots of moments


Photography has always been one of the greatest ways of documenting and capturing moments of beauty, love and these precious moments that last if only for a second. Jellybean Photos is focused on capturing the beauty in life as such is across many different genres from architectural photography and food photography through to nature and travel photography and all the other moments that fill in between.


“ Every other artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper the photographer begins with the finished product. “
— Edward Steichen

Man made beauty 


The work carried out by men over the years has left behind some truly unique and absolutely stunning works of design through architecture and realestate.  The many styles are all linked together in one way, the vision of men and women realised from mind to might.  The history that some buildings hold can most only be felt when in their presence, so it is up to us to capture these many forms of realestate and architectural works and preserve and protect them and try and capture just a fraction of the feeling that comes from these works of art through photographs.


“Architecture is an expression of values.”
— Norman Foster

Snapshots of Life


Travel has the ability for people to grow appreciation and respect for nature and learning about many different cultures. Our aim is to capture some of these precious and memorable moments to share with others all around the world.

Jellybean Travel has a collection of photos, details and blog posts relating to travels and the many different cultures and locations around the world.


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”
— Gustave Flaubert